CNN.com featured an article today titled, ‘World’s 50 best surf spots.’ Intrigued, I clicked on the article and was immediately disappointed when I saw that Munich’s river wave made the list at #50. Sure, novelty waves have their place, but that place is not on a list supposedly showcasing the 50 greatest surfing locations in the world. At #41 is the artificial wave at Wadi Adventure in the UAE – seriously, you couldn’t come up with a better natural wave in the world to take the place of a fake one?

What’s worse is that the river wave in Germany and an artificial wave in a Middle Eastern theme park were included at the expense of spots like Waimea, Sunset, and Chicama, and even entire wave-rich countries like Spain and Japan. It can be safely assumed that the author of the article, Jade Bremner, is not a surfer – as many of the angry comments suggest.



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