Photo: Pismo Beach RV Rentals

If you’ve read some of my past blog posts, you’ll know that I am really into minimalist living.  When it comes to dwelling spaces, I am particularly fascinated by tiny houses, micro apartments, and old-school camper vans.  I am also addicted to anything related to RV living, which to me is the epitome of a frugal, nomadic lifestyle.  I’m not talking about Chris Farley, bum-in-a-van-down-by-the-river living, or retired snowbirds who spend half the year in the Nevada desert aboard their 50 ft. monstrosity of an RV, all while paying for a mortgage on their other home in Florida.  I’m talking about the people who, perhaps partly out of necessity but more from a desire to shed the figurative poundage caused by a lifetime of accumulation, have chosen to live a life short on stuff and space, but big on navigational freedom.

My goal is to pick the brains of some of the people who are embracing a nomadic lifestyle with a modern twist and put together an article presenting their thoughts and advice for others interested in pursuing this type of living.  I’ll be working on the interviews in the next month or so, with the article soon to follow – stay tuned!


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