Caitlin and I are on the tail end of our 3 month journey through Asia, and it has been eye-opening to say the least.  We have learned a lot of new things about Asian cultures, customs, foods, and languages, which has also taught us more about ourselves and our lives in the States as well.  I know everyone says this when they travel, but some things you experience REALLY make you appreciate what we have back home, while other things make you wish America would follow suit.

At this point, it feels strange that the trip is almost at it’s end.  I can already tell that after I settle in at home for a bit, I will miss being on the road.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing family and friends, though, and sharing some fun stories and photos.

Waves in Chiba, Japan

We are currently in Osaka, Japan, and plan to be in the land of the rising sun for the final 2 1/2 weeks of our trip.  We are looking to spend a handful of days in Chiba, where I am hoping to maybe get a day or two of surfing in.  Most people don’t realize that Japan gets good waves, so my fingers are crossed that there maybe something when I get to the coast.  If not, I am still excited to possibly get in the water – I have only had 4 sessions during the entire trip, far less than I had anticipated.


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