We just left Da Nang, Vietnam, where I was finally able to score a couple of rideable waves!  Caitlin and I stayed at Hoa’s Place in China Beach, which is basically the epicenter for surfing in Da Nang (if you can call it that).  From what I have read, China Beach can get good during a proper typhoon swell.  During the time that we were there, I only got a handful of clean 2 footers early in the morning, but I was stoked.

I was able to rent a fairly decent board at a nice beach resort a few hundred yards down the beach from where we stayed.  Apparently, surf wax is hard to come by in Da Nang, so I spent a lot of time sliding off the board.  I did manage to get a couple of fun rides, just enough to satisfy the surf-bug for a bit.  The water was the perfect temp, especially given the fact that by 7am, it was already about 85 degrees outside.

I would definitely like to come back to Da Nang, and try to score China Beach during a typhoon swell.  You could tell by the shape of the waves that with some size, it could be really fun.


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